Workshop on Building, Managing and Sustaining a World Class Reputation


‘Reputation is an “accumulated” asset – it is hard to build, and easily lost’.

This LAKESHORE ISL interactive workshop on Building, Managing and Sustaining a World Class Reputation takes a deep dive into any company’s number 1 asset – its reputationReputation is an exciting but challenging concept for managers to consider. Yet there are virtually no professional courses that focus on it. This workshop is about reputation management, how to understand reputation, and track and sustain its development.

Globally, high performing organizations will in the future pay unprecedented attention to reputation and its management. Reputation management requires MUCH more than a focus on PR, brand, marketing, public affairs and the like. This unique, specialized LAKESHORE ISL Workshop on Building, Managing and Sustaining a World Class Reputation presents participants with a first-hand opportunity to gain robust, in-depth skills and insights specific to reputation and its management through integrated, organisation wide approaches- both internally and externally. This LAKESHORE ISL workshop fills a significant void when it comes to professional training and development workshops elsewhere.

It will answer elusive questions including:

  • What does reputation management look like?
  • How is a good reputation forged?
  • How can it be protected and sustained?
  • How do we communicate a good reputation to our stakeholders?
  • What are the components and strategies for reputation measurement and management?
  • What are best practice examples of reputation management?

Who Should Attend?

A Highly beneficial LAKESHORE ISL workshop for many sectors including:

  • Government and Public Service
  • Education Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Legal Firms
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Oil & Gas

Workshop Outline

This Interactive LAKESHORE ISL workshop will highlight: 

  • Approaches to Build and Sustain a First-class Reputation
  • Frameworks and Tools to Build, Manage and Measure Reputation
  • Informed Strategies and Tools to Strengthen Whole of Organization Approach to Reputation
  • Techniques to Stimulate and Build Word of Mouth and Referral
  • Best Practice Metrics and Benchmarks for Organizations Focusing on their Reputation
  • How to Design, Implement and Measure a Reputation Management Plan