Workpack Engineering for Refurbishment / Debottlenecking Works for both Onshore and Offshore Facilities


Refurbishment and debottlenecking works is a manpower-intensive and equipment-intensive phase of any onshore and offshore project. This LAKESHORE ISL Workpack Engineering for Refurbishment / Debottlenecking Works for both Onshore and Offshore Facilities training seminar aims to provide an introduction to refurbishment and debottlenecking works, focusing on workpack preparation and execution.

With a detailed understanding of refurbishment and debottlenecking works including work pack preparation and execution, the participants will be better prepared to function in the engineering dept / function as field and discipline Engineers, refurbishment and debottlenecking project engineer, maintenance Engineers, Construction supervisors, workpack, operations or planning engineer.

This LAKESHORE ISL training seminar will feature:

  • Overview of field or project development planning
  • Project management team required for refurbishment and debottlenecking activities
  • Workpack process, definition, site survey, scoping, estimating, procurement and execution
  • Mobilisation of construction crew, marine crew and construction equipment
  • Refurbishment and debottlenecking activities for each engineering discipline
  • Testing, inspection and specialist services required
  • Commissioning activities, start-up and handover to client
  • Post-project activities and final documentation


By the end of this LAKESHORE ISL training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what entails in Field Development Planning (FDP) and project management
  • Understand the complexities of Offshore and Onshore Refurbishment and Debottlenecking activities and what the activities entail
  • Understand the processes of what is involved in the Workpack Engineering and how it is timely executed during shutdowns for both onshore and offshore facilities
  • Understand and appreciate the work involved for each engineering discipline and the documents that are required – for both onshore and offshore activities
  • Fully understand what are involved in mobilisation of marine vessels, construction crew, marine crew and construction equipment for offshore and what equipment are required for onshore works
  • Understand the scope of commissioning and post-project activities during the shutdown window for the refurbishment and debottlenecking works- both onshore and offshore facilities

Training Methodology

This LAKESHORE ISL Workpack Engineering for Refurbishment / Debottlenecking Works for both Onshore and Offshore Facilities training seminar will emphasise typical details of refurbishment and debottlenecking works, using flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate their principles and steps required, in the build-up to preparing and executing a work pack. Examples and video clips of past onshore and offshore workpack engineering and debottlenecking works will be provided to aid the learning and understanding of the subject matters. Participants will also take part in group classroom exercises to reinforce their learning experience. Each participant will receive a set of seminar materials. There will also be pre-seminar as well as post-seminar assessment tests.

Who Should Attend?

This LAKESHORE ISL training seminar is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Field Engineers
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Project Engineers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Workpack Engineers
  • Various Discipline Engineers (structural, piping, equipment, electrical, instrumentation)
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Contract Administrators, Buyers and Procurement Executives
  • Cost Estimating, Project Control and Planning Engineers

Seminar Outline


Introduction to Workpack Engineering for Refurbishment and Debottlenecking Works for Onshore and Offshore Facilities

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Pre-course Assessment Test
  • Identify and Set the Expectations of the Course Participants
  • Learning Objectives of the Course
  • Overview of Field Development Planning (FDP)
  • Project Management Team (PMT), Roles & Responsibilities
  • Refurbishment and Debottlenecking Works
  • Typical Scopes, Examples
  • Successes, Failures


Workpack Engineering

  • Workpack Process and Execution
  • Workpack Scope Approvals and Confirmation
  • Site Visits, Site Verification and Comparison with Drawings
  • Updating and As-building Drawings and Documentation
  • Materials Estimation
  • Equipment Estimation
  • Manpower Estimation
  • Vendors, Contractors and Sub-contractors, Specialists
  • Mobilisation
  • Loading
  • Compilation of Work Pack Documentation and Drawings
  • Procurement – cost-plus and overheads
  • Construction and Marine Crew Manpower Recruitment & Mobilisation
  • Onshore Minor Fabrication


Refurbishment and Debottlenecking Works Package

  • Refurbishment and Debottlenecking Works
  • HSE Training Requirements
  • Site Supervision
  • QA / QC Project Documentation Requirements
  • Mobilisation of Major and Support Marine Vessels
  • Overview of Marine Operations
  • Onshore Supply-base and Load-out Activities
  • Logistics Support Activities
  • IPOP / Pre-execution Reviews


Refurbishment and Debottlenecking Activities

  • Blasting and Painting, Cutting, Fitting and Welding, Piping and Piping Supports
  • Process Equipment
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Fired-equipment
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Electrical Works
  • Instrumentation Works


Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Final Documentation

  • Pre-commissioning Activities, Testing and Inspection
  • Commissioning Activities
  • Start-up and Hand-over
  • Demobilisation
  • Post-project Activities
  • Final Documentation and Payments
  • Post-project Learning
  • Post-course Assessment Test