Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Planning

Mapping-out Your Best Possible Direction


“Strategy depends upon the ability to foresee future consequences of present initiatives”

The basic requirements for strategy development includes, among other factors: 1) Extensive knowledge about the environment, market and competitors; 2) Ability to examine this knowledge as an interactive dynamic system; and 3) The imagination and logic to choose between specific alternatives.

This LAKESHORE ISL Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Planning training course has been specifically designed to provide the necessary strategic tools and mapping capabilities to achieve high levels of strategic alignment and consistency relative to both the external and internal environment. In this way, strategy enables professionals to maximize internal efficiency while capturing the highest potential of opportunities in the external environment and gain organizational and personal success.

This LAKESHORE ISL training course will feature:

  • Leading-edge Thinking in Strategic Analysis / Planning
  • The Choices Faced in Developing Strategy
  • The Concepts, Tools and Techniques of ‘Strategy’ and ‘Strategic Planning
  • Step-by-Step Processes, Providing a toolkit for each Stage
  • Mapping and Applying Strategic Tools in managing their specialist roles
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving


By the end of this LAKESHORE ISL training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the global leading-edge thinking in strategic development
  • Identify and evaluate the options and implications faced in developing strategy
  • Apply the concepts, tools and techniques of ‘strategy’ and ‘strategic planning’
  • Understand the step-by-step process and apply a strategic toolkit for each stage
  • Map out possible directions using strategic tools to apply to their own specialist role in the alignment of strategic programmes and projects
  • Identify “real” problems and apply decision-making principles

Training Methodology

This LAKESHORE ISL Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Planning-training seminar will utilise a variety of proven highly interactive adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes facilitated group and individual exercises, case studies, role-play, videos. The instructor will also facilitate learning by encouraging the delegates to test and critically appraise a series of “strategic tools” and their practical application.

Organizational Impact

Delegates returning from this LAKESHORE ISL training seminar will have developed an understanding of the mindset of the effective leader.

  • Organizations require their strategic targets to be successfully achieved
  • Extensive knowledge about the environment, market and competitors
  • Ability to examine this knowledge as an interactive dynamic system
  • The imagination and logic to choose between specific alternatives
  • Effective problem solving and decision making
  • Improved workforce relationships leading to greater loyalty and productivity

Personal Impact

Delegates will develop enriched communication and engagement skills, which will improve their working relationships.

  • Greater influence and negotiation skills with stakeholders
  • Improved team & virtual team performance and motivation
  • A range of different thinking styles to be more persuasive and assertive
  • Questioning techniques to ensure you achieve the best outcomes
  • Strong working relationships built through robust engagement skills
  • Improved personal and team / virtual team performance

Who Should Attend?

This LAKESHORE ISL Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Planning training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals who are required to make strategic decisions, and who wishes to learn how to apply strategic tools in their own job and their own career but will greatly benefit the following individuals:

  • New & Experienced Supervisors
  • Team Leaders & Line Managers
  • Projects & Process Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Strategic Developers

Seminar Outline


Global Strategic Thinking, Analysis and Planning

  • Recognise How Strategic Thinking has developed and How it Influences Strategies
  • Understand the Importance of Vision and Values
  • Distinguish between the Process of Formulating and Implementing Strategy
  • Follow the Progression of Strategic Thinking in Business
  • Anticipate where Strategy may next develop
  • Articulate the Conceptual Framework of Strategy that your Organisation uses Today


Mapping Strategic Options

  • Five-Step Strategy Model
  • The Strategy Diamond
  • The Business Model Canvass
  • The Balanced Scorecard
  • Porter’s Five Forces – assessing the balance of power in a business situation
  • Diversification – reducing business risk


Core Strategic Tools

  • SWOT, TOWS and PESTLE Analysis
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Understanding the Components of Success
  • The McKinsey 7 S Model
  • Predicting Competitor Behaviour
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations


Strategic Options for Competitive Advantage

  • USP Analysis
  • Ohmae’s 3C Model – bringing together different aspects of Strategic Thinking
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Porter’s Generic Options
  • 5 P’s of Strategy
  • Developing Future Growth


Strategic Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Process
  • 7 Key Steps of Strategic Decision Making
  • Framing of Decisions
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Assessing Risks and Analyzing Problems
  • 6 Thinking Hats