Internal Consultancy Skills at Work

Developing Key Client Relationship & Organizational Improvement


As business structures change, HR Professionals and other specialists are required to perform an internal consultancy role. This LAKESHORE ISL Internal Consultancy Skills at Work training course covers the latest in accurate and informative material in relation to Internal Consultancy; which is becoming a fast-growing trend in successful Organizations worldwide.

An internal consultant is not the same as an external consultant and requires specific skills in communication, coaching and analysis. Typically, the internal consultant is drawn from one of the teams of professional service providers where there is a history of supporting internal customers with specific problems. This practical LAKESHORE ISL Management & Leadership training course helps delegates develop the practical skills for internal consultancy in the workplace and to be able to demonstrate the excellent results achieved.

This LAKESHORE ISL training course encourages delegates to:

  • Understand and apply the consultancy process in the workplace
  • Explore the theory and practice of Organizational Development (OD)
  • Understand the application of work psychology to their workplace
  • Manage change and prepare staff for change
  • Develop skills related to data collection and analysis
  • Produce results and demonstrate the financial contribution to your organization


  • Develop internal consultancy skills and use a diagnostic tool to develop your specific skill set
  • Be able to produce action plan to ensure larger projects are delivered on time and the benefit is clearly shown
  • Understand and demonstrate the application of Organizational Development (OD)
  • Develop your communication, coaching and consultancy skills
  • Apply motivational coaching techniques
  • Understand Change and Change Management Principles
  • Develop skills related to data collection and analysis to ensure your consultancy work adds measurable value

Training Methodology

This LAKESHORE ISL Internal Consultancy Skills at Work training course will be presented in a highly interactive manner, with a very engaging presentation style.  DVD and video segments will highlight the major teaching features. A variety of practical sessions, role-plays, and case studies are programmed into this training.

Organizational Impact

  • Well-equipped people to handle internal consultancy
  • Improved stakeholder and consultant relationship
  • Awareness of the importance of technical know-how for good consultants
  • Delegates will be able to ascertain and fulfill customers’ needs
  • Manage customer expectations effectively
  • Develop the “Business Partner” concept to produce value

Personal Impact

  • Acquire consulting skills from start to finish of a project
  • Develop interpersonal skills to communicate ideas, listen and provide support
  • Ability to agree or disagree constructively to clients
  • Able to ascertain and fulfill customers’ needs
  • Cultivate coaching skills to train and develop others

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals seeking to raise their consultancy skills
  • All HR Staff interested in Internal Consultancy
  • Team Leaders responsible for internal consultancy
  • Technical professionals who wish to develop their internal consultancy and communication skills
  • Individuals who desire to develop and facilitate internal consultancy projects
  • Heads of departments who need to get special projects delivered on time and within budget

Seminar Outline


Developing Your Internal Consulting Skills

  • The Internal Consultant’s Role
  • How the Internal Consultant differs from Line Management and External Consultancy
  • Examine the Skills and Knowledge Needed to become an Internal Consultant
  • The Consultancy Cycle
  • Understanding What Do Your Clients Need From You
  • Client Readiness and Your Capability


Coaching Skills for Internal Consultants & Managers

  • When is Coaching needed?
  • The Difference between Mentoring and Coaching
  • Workplace Coaching Techniques – Tools Needed
  • Key Motivational Coaching Skills
  • Limitations of Coaching
  • Introduction to The Psychology of Development
  • Coaching Skills Practice – Turning Results into Value


Organizational Development (OD) 

  • The Psychology of Work
  • History of OD
  • Putting OD into Practice
  • The Development of The Modern Organisation
  • Organizational Structures – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages of Each
  • The Goals of Data Collection & Research Methods
  • Improving Any Organization by Organizational Redesign


Putting Consultancy into Practice – Key Tools Needed 

  • Gathering Key Information
  • Know Your Limitations
  • The Use of Action Plans
  • Recording Progress and Client Feedback
  • How to Show Value from Your Internal Consultancy Work
  • Presentation Skills that Make The Difference


Change Management

  • Introduction to Managing Change
  • Defining The Scale of Organizational Change
  • Approaches to Organizational Change
  • People Factors that Influence The Change Process
  • The Psychological Phases of Change Management
  • The Pressure-Performance Relationship
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Developing Your Personal Action Plan
  • Showing The Organization – The Value of The Internal Consultant